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Static Pressure Monitor

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Model #: SPM-40017-F

Product Description:

The Static Pressure Monitor (SPM) is used to monitor the duct pressure while located near a Glovebox or Biological Safety Cabinet. There are two control panels to make this system function properly. One is located by the glovebox and/or BSC for visual and audible monitoring (Display Control Panel) and the other is located near the duct (Sub Panel), usually in an accessible ceiling or mechanical room. The Display Control Panel located at the glovebox and/or BSC also has a fan control button to turn the fan on and off. The Sub Panel located in the accessible ceiling or mechanical room is where the pressure hoses terminate on a pressure switch and a differential pressure transmitter. This box contains most of the components of the system.

The SPM is designed for researchers at the primary level of containment of gloveboxes and BSC’s in a Bio-Safety Level III laboratory to be able to monitor the duct pressure and control the fan. The fan can be turned on at the beginning of a task and off when not in use. The display is programmed with large white numbers on a black background to reflect the pressure. Also, located on the stainless steel cover of the Display Control Panel of the SPM is an audible and visual alarm and a push-on push-off button control for the fan.

The Display Control Panel comes with a stainless steel flush cover and 8”H x 8”W x 4”D flush mounted steel back box with back plate. There is an option for a surface mounted Display Control Panel. The surface panel comes with a hinged non-detachable cover from the 10”H x 10”W x 4”D surface box. The surface box with cover is made of steel with a baked enamel gray coating. The control panel near the duct for the flush or surface mounted Display Control Panel comes with a blank steel cover and 10”H x 10”W x 4”D steel back box with back plate.


Primary Voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ

Secondary Voltage: 24 VDC

1 and 2 Amp Circuit Breakers

Digital Display - Dwyer SPPM-24-C Panel Meter

On and Off Button for Fan Control

Stainless Steel Flush Cover for the Flush Option

Box and Non-Detachable Hinged Cover made of Steel for the Surface Option

Visual and Audible Alarms

Slotted and Keyless Cover Closer

Easy Access for Maintenance or Repairs

Removable Relays Positioned for Quick Replacement

Quick Disconnects for Removing Cover

Inside Components are Mounted on a Removable Back Plate


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