SafePOD Laboratories

The CERTEK Advantage

If you are in need of a safe laboratory, consider the advantages you’ll receive when you order a SafePOD from CERTEK. The design and construction of each laboratory is with the consultation of a Biosafety Professional and delivered fully equipped and tested. Our laboratories are custom built and configured to your specific needs. SafePOD laboratories can be customized to create a safe and affordable working environment for prime efficiency and maximum productivity.


Features and Benefits:

  • Components are stowed within for transport or in a separate equipment container if required
  • Easily and quickly placed into operation
  • Adaptable to multiple climates
  • All wall and ceiling penetrations sealed and tested air tight
  • Multiple equipment options
  • Multiple pods may be connected for more interior space






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NOTE: Pods are shipping containers that may be shipped outside of the United States on container ships and across land on freight lines.


Indonesia ML3 Biological Lab Incubator
Custom Designed For Your Climate Equipment Class lll Glove Box
Mechanical Room
Mechanical Space Equipment Controls